Aglucky Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, 33lbs/24H, Self-Cleaning Function, Portable Ice Machine for Home/Office/Party

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Introducing our Aglucky 2.5 quart nugget ice maker that is set to revolutionize your ice-making experience, it can produce nugget ice in 10-15 minutes. Lightweight and easy to carry. The intelligent sensor chip in the machine can tell you whether the machine is full ice or lack of water through the screen. Get ready to elevate your ice-making game with our efficient, stylish, and feature-packed ice maker. Don't miss out on the convenience and luxury it brings to your home. Place your order today and enjoy an endless supply of ice at your fingertips!
1. Make Delicious Chewable Ice Quickly: With Aglucky nugget ice maker, you can have a full basket of delicious, chewable ice ready to enjoy in 10 minutes. Whether you're hosting a party or just want a refreshing drink at home, this ice maker can produce a full basket of ice in no time, making it easy and convenient for you to enjoy chilled drinks anytime, anywhere.
2. User-friendly Design: This portable ice maker designed with convenience in mind. Equipped with a basket and scoop, you can easily gather up the ice you need. The transparent window allows you to monitor the ice-making process so you can see the progress and ensure you have enough ice on hand. Never struggle with an empty ice tray again!
3. Easy Operation: Making ice has never been easier! To get started, simply fill up the reservoir with water and press the button in the center. That's it! There are no complicated settings, timers, or programs to worry about. In just a few minutes, you'll have fresh, chewable ice ready to enjoy.
4. Environmentally Friendly Material & Low Noise: We prioritize sustainability and a peaceful environment. With ETL certification. The material used by the ice maker will not cause any pollution to the environment. Our ice maker is made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring a safe ice-making process while reducing the carbon footprint. Plus, the advanced technology incorporated into the design guarantees low noise levels, allowing you to enjoy your ice without any disturbances. 
5. Self-Cleaning Function: Cleaning your ice maker has never been easier or more convenient. Our machine features a self-cleaning function that takes care of every nook and cranny. With just a push of a button, you can enjoy a hygienic and hassle-free ice-making experience.
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