AGLUCKY Small Space Heater, 1500W Portable Electric Heater, Mini Ceramic Heater w/ 3 Modes, Adjustable Thermostat, Tip Overheat Protection, Quiet Desk Heater Fan for Office Room Desk Indoor Use

$19.90 USD
Color: Black

Brand                     AGLUCKY
Special Feature      Mini personal space heater w/ Rapid Heating, Small office heater for                                  indoor use, Compact design for mini ceramic heater, Desk heater fan                                w/adjustable thermostat, 1500W portable electric heater w/3 working                                modesMini personal space heater w/ Rapid Heating, Small office                                        heater for indoor use, Compact design for mini ceramic heater, Desk                                  heater fan w/adjustable thermostat, 1500… See more
Color                     Black - Square
Form Factor          Small ceramic heater
Indoor/Outdoor    Usage Indoor

[Fast Heating & Ceramic Technology] The 1500W portable space heater adopts ceramic technology, and the built-in advanced PTC heating element is more stable and faster heating than traditional heating elements. Turn on the mini electric heater for office, just count to 3, and you'll enjoy a warmer living room, bedroom, and office. With a large heating area, this small heater for office under desk quiet for indoor use ensures comfort even in colder moments.
[3 Modes All Year Round] Our space heaters fan has three different working modes (low heat/high heat/fan only). Plug in, turn the personal office heater on, turn the knob to fan position (fan icon) for cool air, turn the knob to "LO" for hot air - low power, "HI" for hot air - full power ON Once powered on, turn the thermostat switch clockwise or counterclockwise to set the desired temperature. So ceramic space heater for office can be a good friend in hot summer, cool autumn, or cold winter.
[Double Safety Protection] This small portable heater for room is equipped with an advanced overheat protection sensor and a smart tip-over switch, which means small electric heater will automatically shut off the machine if it overheats or is tipped over by you. It protects you and your loved ones and pets. This safe and reliable small office heater for office under desk allows you to enjoy warmth in winter with confidence.
[Low Noise] The noise of the small desk heater for bedrooms or studying room is low, the compact and portable heater for bedroom is suitable for sleeping and working in bedrooms and offices. Provide you with a quiet and comfortable space. Our small room heaters fan for indoor use can provide warmth to the space you need without being disturbed while you study, read, work, and watch movies.
[Compact and Powerful] The compact design combined with the ergonomic built-in handle allows you to move it anywhere you want. Make sure your bedroom, guest room, or living room is warm and nice. The portable mini ceramic heater's compact design allows it to be installed anywhere, making it perfect for any space in your home or office, and it's also perfect for taking it camping.

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