zafro 3-in-1 8000BTU Portable Air Conditioner Fan Remote Control .Silver

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Size: 8000BTU

About this item

  • FAST COOLING: 8,000 BTU air conditioner provides powerful cooling for up to 160-200 square feet of living rooms, bedrooms, dorms, offices. Cooling and fan speed when you come home to quickly drop down the room temperature. Self-evaporating system for better efficiency and Auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures.
  • LED DIGITAL DISPLAY AND REMOTE CONTROL: Easy-to-understand display operation allows you to control the mobile air conditioner without reading the manual. LED lights allow you to adjust the temperature at night without turning on the lights. The remote control brings you more convenience, avoiding the trouble of getting up and walking to the side of the air conditioner.
  • SELF-EVAPORATING SYSTEM: The self-evaporating system uses the collected water to cool the condenser coils for a more efficient performance. It is no need to empty the drainage tank in cooling operation, drying operation and high humidity conditions. The condensate water evaporates at the condenser and evacuates through the exhaust hose.
  • R410 REFRIGERANT: The environmentally-friendly R410 is used as the refrigerant. R410 has no damaging influence on the ozone layer (ODP), which is a negligible greenhouse effect (GWP) and can be used on a global scale. Better protect the environment and create fresh air for yourself.
  • MOBILE AND CONVENIENT: Equipped with handles and wheels, R.W.Flame mobile air conditioner won't struggle when moving from room to room. Let you have a cool and comfortable experience no matter which room you go to in the hot summer.


  • 15.94(L)*14.88(W)*34.80(H)
  • High Capacity in a compact size
  • Cooling, Dehumidifying and Fan function
  • Electronic control with built-in timer and sleep mode
  • Remote control
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • User's Manual

Download User's Manual: A4211D2-8K

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