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Aglucky Ice Machine: An edged Tool for Cooling Summer
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Aglucky Ice Machine: An edged Tool for Cooling Summer

The ice machine is a mechanical refrigeration device that can produce ice by cooling water through an evaporator with a refrigerant in the refrigeration system. It is widely used in catering , hotel , pharmaceutical and industrial production, including other fields, bringing convenience to people's lives.

Working Principle:

The basic working principle of the ice machine is to lower the temperature of water by evaporative cooling of the refrigerant, causing the water to solidify into ice. The specific steps are as follows:

1. The water pump runs water to the evaporator.
2. The refrigerant, with the action of the compressor, enters the evaporator, becomes endothermic from the water and evaporates.
3. Then the temperature will decrease as water starts losing heat, which is ultimately solidifying into ice.
4. The cooled refrigerant is sucked back by the compressor, re-enters the condenser and releases heat to liquefy, then re-enters the evaporator. All of the steps are joined with each other to form a circulation.


Ice machines can be classified based on the shape and size of the ice they produce, mainly including the following types

- Graininess Ice Machine: Produces ice in granular form, typically with a diameter between 8-15 millimeters.

- Flake Ice maker: Produces ice in thin, flake-like form, typically with a thickness between 2-3 millimeters.

- Slab Ice Machine: Produces ice in slab form, typically with a thickness between 20-50 millimeters.

- Tube Ice maker: Produces ice in hollow tube form, typically with a diameter between 20-30 millimeters.

- Snowflake Ice Machine: Produces ice in snowflake form, with small volume and easy melting.


Ice machines are widely used in the following areas:

- Catering Industry: Used for making cold drinks, cocktails, seafood, etc.

- Hotel : Used to provide ice for guest rooms, meeting various needs of guests.

- Medical Industry: Used for storing drugs, vaccines, etc.

- Industrial Production: Used for cooling food, chemicals, etc.


Buying Guide:

Please consider the following factors that will play an important role in making ice while purchasing products.

- Ice Production Capacity: Select a machine with suitable ice production capacity based on your actual needs.The rate of ice-making is also worthy of consideration.

- Ice Shape and Size: Choose the appropriate ice shape and size according to your intended use.

- Brand and Quality: Choose a well-known brand and high-quality ice machine to ensure performance and longevity. That’s why we recommend you our ice maker. We have possessed over 10 years of experience in the ice machine industry

- After-Sales Service: Choose a manufacturer or dealer that provides comprehensive after-sales service.We offer no hassle returning service in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product. Our product comes with a one-year warranty period. If there are some issues with your ice maker and need replacements parts, please let us know and we’ll replace them to you for free

In conclusion, ice machine is a practical and convenient device that brings many benefits to people's lives. Chooseing a suitable model based on your needs and paying  attention to selecting well-known brands and high-quality products is crucial for you to buy a wonderful ice maker.

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