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Home Ice Maker Buying Guide
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Home Ice Maker Buying Guide

The most comfortable thing for you in the scorching summer might be a glass of cold juice. Aglucky ice maker can rapidly and conveniently make ice and fit your needs. Today I will introduce a home ice maker buying guide and provide you with choices on how to choose a satisfied ice maker.

Ice Making Methods

There are mainly two methods for home ice makers:

Compression Ice Making: Similar to refrigerators,  using a compressor to circulate and compress refrigerant, lowering the temperature of the evaporator to freeze water. Compression ice makers come with high efficiency and fast ice making speed but relatively high power consumption.

 Evaporation : It utilizes the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption to evaporate water in the water tank, which will lower the water temperature and form ice.Advantages of the machine is the low power consumption,  ice making speed is slower than the compression one, and the ice cubes may not be  irregular shapes.

Ice Shapes

Commonice shapes for home ice makers include:

  1. SquareIce: Uniform in size, suitable for cold drinks, cocktails and so on
  2. RoundIce: Better texture, suitable for whiskey,.
  3. BulletIce: Long and slender shape, suitable for coffee.

Other Features

Automatic Cleaning Function: The machine can automatically clean the interior of the ice maker for convenience and hygiene. Just set the clean mode and the machine will do that.
Reservation Function: In order to enjoy ice cubes anytime, our product can schedule ice-making time in advance for you.
Ice Storage Function: The ice maker can store a certain amount of ice cubes that you need to avoid frequent ice-making.

Buying Suggestions

Choosing ice-making method according to your needs: If you need fast ice-making, you can choose a compression ice maker; if you are sensitive to power consumption, you can choose an evaporation ice maker.
Choosing ice shape based on your preference: If you prefer regular-shaped ice cubes, you can choose square or round ice; Conversely,if you consider ice cubes with texture will be better, you can choose the bullet ice.
Choosing the machine’s features in accordance with the budget: If you can afford the multi-function ice maker, we highly recommend you the machine with features such as automatic cleaning and reservation.





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